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Review: Archie’s Pizzeria

I certainly have no intention of comparing Dante’s Pizzeria and Archie’s Pizzeria toe to toe. I also did not plan on dining out at two pizzerias one after the other. I guess my pizza craving just skyrocketed after not eating Domino’s for weeks, heh. (Yes, we buy and absolutely love their $4.99 dollar pizzas for the lazy nights.)

Archie’s sits at the curvy end of Davies Crescent in Newmarket, along a row of equally enticing restaurants. We visited on a very busy Friday afternoon, just an hour past noon. We were lucky to get seating easily, the place was packed, and we didn’t have a reservation. We were quickly handed the menu and (thankfully!) glasses of water.

Archie’s special lunch menu is quite popular for patrons where pizza, pasta, and salads are $15 each. If you don’t fancy these, mains are available if you’re willing to pay extra.

We split a Prosciutto Cotto e Funghi pizza, Diavolo pizza, and a tomato based penne pasta with bacon which name eludes me, between the two of us. Obviously, Archie’s is known for their pizzas but oddly enough the hero of the meal for us was the pasta (so good I forgot the name). Although the pasta didn’t taste like it was made in-store, we loved it because of the adequately sour tomato sauce which had a little bit of a kick, and of course who wouldn’t love a bit of bacon fat on pasta sauce.

The Prosciutto Cotto e Funghi is a good place to start, if you can’t decide on which pizza to get. The lunch menu can be quite overwhelming, which is a good sign more often than not. I would also recommend the Diavolo if you’re happy with a bit of a kick on your pizza. Quick tip: Archie’s can split a pizza for two flavours.

If Archie’s was a block away from where I work, I’d probably be here for lunch at least once a week. Although I’ll probably have to annoy a coworker to split a pizza with me.

Service was fast and attentive and thankfully not the in-your-face kind. We took home three slices of pizza which were still good two meals after, and this probably proves the quality and the freshness of the ingredients they use.

The pizzeria claims to be on par with the best in the world, but is it the best pizzeria in Auckland? It will all boil down to preference. For me? I don’t think so.


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