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Photodump: Street Eats 2015

Restaurant Month culminated with Street Eats on the 29th of August. This is where restaurants in the CBD present their take on street food. Meals are less than $10 but portions are small which would make this event a bit disappointing for travelers, especially to those who are coming from Asia where street food is dirt cheap. My fiancé and I spent about $60 excluding the $5 entry fee per person. I’d gladly pay for it again, though. The vibe was great, I didn’t encounter anyone cutting lines, and they were playing good music as well! I’m already looking forward to next year’s Street Eats.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the participating restaurants and their menus. I tried the following and went home happy and full:

    ▪︎ Pork three ways from The Cut on Federal
    ▪︎ Prawn Tandoori from iVillage at Victoria
    ▪︎ Spanish Paella with free range chicken and chorizo from El Faro
    ▪︎ Chicken Satay Skewer, BBQ Pork Ball, and Veggie Spring Roll from Thai Street
    ▪︎ Beefroot Burger from Food Truck Garage
    ▪︎ Black Betty and Sloppy Po Bao from Judge Bao
    ▪︎ Dairy Free ice cream from Zero Moo

My favourites would be the Prawn Tandoori from iVillage, Thai Street’s selection (three of the few offerings of real street food in my humble opinion), and the baos from Judge Bao (can’t decide which one I liked more!). However, the best value for money has to be El Faro’s $5 paella.

1. Go early to avoid the queues.
2. Bring cash. Not all stalls have EFTPOS.
3. Go with a group! You can share meals and have somebody save your seat while you go around looking for what to eat next!

halohaloatbp_streateats_23.jpgHorchata and Hibiscus Flower from Besos Latinos

halohaloatbp_streateats_diptych3Left: Besos Latinos staff queueing up Horchata cups; Right: Knafeh in the foreground, Ima Cuisine’s Yael Shochat in the background


halohaloatbp_streateats_25.jpgPeople queueing up with The Cut’s lamb pot pie in hand, very efficient!

halohaloatbp_streateats_diptych1I absolutely loved the handwritten menu boards.

halohaloatbp_streateats_3.jpgThe Cut on Federal’s Pork Three Ways: crispy confit belly, pulled pork, crackle, paired with an apple and green mango slaw


halohaloatbp_streateats_6.jpgToto’s was offering $6 pizza per slice.

halohaloatbp_streateats_diptych2Left: Prawn Tandoori from iVillage; Right: Spanish Paella from El Faro

halohaloatbp_streateats_11.jpgThai Street


halohaloatbp_streateats_10.jpgThai Street’s veggie spring roll, BBQ pork boll, and chicken satay.

halohaloatbp_streateats_28.jpgAtomic Coffee

halohaloatbp_streateats_29.jpgFood Truck Garage

halohaloatbp_streateats_31.jpgFood Truck Garage’s mini Beefroot Burger

halohaloatbp_streateats_30.jpgFritz’s Wieners


halohaloatbp_streateats_33.jpgJudge Bao offered a 2 for $15 deal

halohaloatbp_streateats_34.jpgSloppy Po – GMO-free bean curd, mapo fungi, Sichuan pepper, douban mayo​

halohaloatbp_streateats_35.jpgBlack Betty – ChinKiang black vinegar braised free range pork butt, sesame, spring onion

halohaloatbp_streateats_37.jpgThere were games set-up at the Cloud

halohaloatbp_streateats_40.jpgIf you saw a bunch of kids playing Jenga, it was most probably our group.




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